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What is Multisensory Instruction?

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Multisensory instruction plays a HUGE part in the Orton-Gillingham approach and how I make tutoring sessions engaging and effective!

But what is multisensory instruction?

When a teacher uses multisensory lessons, students are engaging with the material in more than one way! They are having learners use more than one sense! 

For example, students might be learning a new sound by saying it aloud (verbal), seeing the letter and/or picture (visual), and writing it with their finger on sandpaper (movement/tactile). This is amazing for our brain! 

This kind of instruction can be especially beneficial to children who are struggling learning to read and write.

Ideas to use at home:

Writing sounds…

  •  in the air using their dominant arm and big movements
  • in sand or colored rice (use a cookie sheet, paper plate, or low container)on foam or scrapbook paper
  • on the carpet
  • in the car on the back of the seat
  • in shaving cream (can be messy but also cleans your table at the same time!)
  • on sandpaper
  • in Jello powder
  • any fun surface! 

* I provide my tutoring clients with sandpaper, bumpy paper, foam paper, and colored sand/rice/Jello powder.

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