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Does online tutoring work?

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There are so many benefits to online tutoring! 

  • You will accelerate your child’s learning
  • Boost your child’s confidence
  • You can learn from anywhere (no need to worry about adding another car trip to your busy schedule!)
  • Your child gets to participate 100% of the time
  • Individualized instruction
  • Opportunity to fill gaps 
  • Build a strong literacy foundation
  • Students learn at their own pace
  • Your child gets undivided attention
  • Learns more in less time
  • Lessons are designed for their interests and needs

But they go to school all day?

Every student is different! That is the beauty of being a human! However, in a classroom with 25+ other students, students get little to no 1:1 time with a teacher. Teachers are managing 25+ kids with 25+ different needs. Typically, students only receive large/small group instruction. When you get a tutor,  you get a 1:1 session that is geared towards your child’s unique learning needs.

Even if your child receives intervention services at school, these are still typically done in groups of 3-6 students. My smallest group ever as an interventionist was 2 students. This sounds amazing but these two students needed COMPLETELY different things! When you consistently work 1:1 with a tutor your child’s learning will 100% be accelerated. 

What about online reading programs or group lessons?

You can find plenty of free reading lessons online or cheaper group lessons, but the best way to learn to read is with a private reading tutor. With private lessons, your learner gets attention that is not available in a large or small group setting and does not come with online programs/games. 

But not every tutor or tutoring company is the same! 

My online tutoring sessions are effective, engaging, and fun! Your child receives engaging live sessions designed for their specific needs and interests. No two lessons are the same because they are customized just for your child! These lessons are also based off of the Orton-Gillingham approach which is proven to help struggling readers!

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