Phonemic Awareness

Phonemic Awareness is the ability to HEAR, blend, isolate, substitute, and manipulate the sounds in a spoken word (phonemes!). Why is this important?Lack of Phonemic Awareness skills is the main reason…

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Phonological Awareness

What is Phonological Awareness?

What is it?Phonological Awareness is the ability to HEAR, recognize, and manipulate the spoken parts of sentences and words!Huh?It’s being able to identify rhyming words, alliteration, segment syllables, and blending…

What are Heart Words?

The majority of English words are phonetically regular. YAY! However, many of the irregularities we see are in some of the most frequently used words in English (ex: said, the,…

Why is reading so hard for some kids?

This is not an easy question to answer, as there could be MANY factors at play for why a child is struggling to read. It truly depends on your child’s…

Does online tutoring work?

Definitely!  There are so many benefits to online tutoring!  You will accelerate your child's learning Boost your child’s confidence You can learn from anywhere (no need to worry about adding…

What is Multisensory Instruction?

Multisensory instruction plays a HUGE part in the Orton-Gillingham approach and how I make tutoring sessions engaging and effective! But what is multisensory instruction?

What is Orton-Gillingham (OG)?

Orton-Gillingham helps teach the connections between sounds and letters. It helps kids understand the “why” behind the way words are read and spelled.

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