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Welcome to the Early Learning Place, a personalized online tutoring solution for learners K-4th grade!

Hi! I'm Megan!

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I’m a Reading Specialist, Orton-Gillingham trained, and experienced teacher with a passion for providing quality reading instruction to all learners. I provide 1:1 online tutoring and literacy interventions tailored to each student that build confidence and a love for reading, as well as resources for parents and educators.

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Is your child struggling with reading? Not sure how to help or where to start? 

Looking for the next step in the path to get your child to read confidently and efficiently?

What is The Early Learning Place?

Learning to read does not have to be a frustrating experience! The Early Learning Place provides a pathway to confident readers and helps students around the globe to develop literacy skills. The world is your classroom!

What I offer...

I provide highly effective, 1:1 tutoring for learners in K-4th grade.  My online lessons are based off of the Orton-Gillingham approach and are…





Every child is unique!

Based on a number of screeners, I tailor my teaching approach to the specific needs of students, based on their… 




Every child can succeed in reading when provided the tools! 

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Phonemic Awareness

Phonemic Awareness

Phonemic Awareness is the ability to HEAR, blend, isolate, substitute, and manipulate the sounds in a spoken word (phonemes!).  Why is this important? Lack of Phonemic Awareness skills is the...

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Phonological Awareness

What is Phonological Awareness?

What is it? Phonological Awareness is the ability to HEAR, recognize, and manipulate the spoken parts of sentences and words! Huh? It’s being able to identify rhyming words, alliteration, segment...

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What are Heart Words?

The majority of English words are phonetically regular. YAY! However, many of the irregularities we see are in some of the most frequently used words in English (ex: said, the,...

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What Parents Are Saying About The Early Learning Place

Ms. Megan is hands down the best reading tutor we've ever had - and we've had several! My daughter fell behind in reading last year and we started working with Megan over the summer. She ended 1st grade in the bottom 10% with reading, despite extra help at school and outside of school. After 2 short months of working with Megan, she started 2nd grade at above the 50% mark for reading. Not only is she extremely skilled in her profession, Megan is able to make the tutoring sessions fun and enjoyable and makes my daughter truly look forward to their time together. We are so thankful!


Mrs. Megan is one of the most energetic, enthusiastic and happy teachers I have ever seen. My 6 year old loves her to death and can not wait for his sessions with her. Being a 6 year old boy it takes a lot of energy to keep him engaged. My son used to cry with his previous teacher and said he HATED reading. Now, he will read for me without being offered a prize in return. He has not cried once because Mrs. Megan gets his learning style. Mrs. Megan is such a blessing and is very special!


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